Capt. Arne Hansen

of Nantucket, Massachusetts
Born in Norway
Position: Captain
Age: 37

Captain Hansen went to sea in his native Norway several years before he came to Nantucket in 1939. He was skipper of the Landry for three years. He was married to the former Olga Anderson, a Nantucket resident, and the father of two children, Norma and Randy.

The scallop dragger William Landry was smashed to pieces by pounding seas near the Pollock Rip lightship in Nantucket Sound. Captain Arne Hansen and his crew had been struggling in high seas for several hours, with the pumps out of operation. They remained in contact with the Coast Guard. The ship's running lights had become visible to the lightship crew, but it suddenly vanished and radio calls went unanswered. The wreckage was later washed up on Wauwinget Beach near Great Point, but the bodies of the crew members were never found.