Capt. James H. Garnett

of St. Petersburg, Florida
Position: Captain

Captain Garnett had lived in New Bedford and been a fisherman there for many years before moving to St. Petersburg, Florida. He was survived by five daughters--Mrs. Harold Cooper of 617 County Street, New Bedford; Mrs. Marjorie Branson, Portland, Oregon; Mrs. Barbara Barrett, St. Petersburg, Florida; Mrs. Ralph H. Gable of 8 Williams Road, Bourne; Mrs. Robert W. McGrath of Hummock Pond Road, Nantucket--and a brother, William L. Garnett, of 23 Pleasant Street, Nantucket.

The Jim & Mabel was fishing in the Gulf of Mexico when a heavy storm struck. A section of the boat's wheelhouse was found floating 125 miles southwest of St. Petersburg, but an extensive aerial search failed to find any additional wreckage or any trace of the crew.