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Carlos da Costa

of New Bedford, Massachusetts
Position: Cook
Age: 50

Carlos da Costa was survived by his son, Jorge S. da Costa, and his girlfriend, Emma Pinheiro.

On August 28, 1990, the dragger New England collided in heavy fog with the Eurojoy, a 591-foot Greek cargo ship, rolled, and sank. Captain Frank Vieira and First Mate Domingos Boia were picked up by the crew of the Eurojoy. The fishing boats Curleycue and Lady of Grace, along with another freighter, joined the search. The Coast Guard sent a helicopter, a search and rescue boat, three cutters, and a jet to search for the remaining crew members: the cook, Carlos da Costa; the engineer, Adorito Ribau; and the deckhand, Antonio Fernandes. The search ended the next day, and the men were not found.